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After waiting to talk to that whore all day and waiting til i saw her, the 1st thing she said to me was "omg i missed you!"
I thought, ok good news, because i missed her too
then she went on for a half an hour about 2 guys that she wants to fuck and neither one are me.
yeah fucking thanks...what do you want from me?
you want me to pine over you and get nothing in return?
I would like to say that i can walk away from you but i cant

i hate women

i was in the mall today and saw a pregnant woman walking with her daughter who was dressed like a little skank.i just thought what a waste because you know she is going to grow up to be a worthless puppy machine like her mom.

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women suck.i am one.man, im really hating myself today,just thinking about how much we of the weaker sex suck so much.i think its pms,but thats just another reason women are inferior.
i have to go think about how to please my man now.
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First Post

This is something i hope will go very far and bring many people togather.
i just hope they are not female.
well, feel free to join and tell the world about how much you think the weaker sex has handicaped life as we know it.
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